Windows Embedded Standard Name Change

February 27, 2010
Windows Embedded Standard 2011 wil be renamed:
Windows Embedded Standard 7
because its based upon Windows 7.
This will apply to fuure WES: They will be numbered according to the version of Windows they are based upon.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available


 Release version is due out in May.




New Blog Site

February 19, 2010
I have a new blog:
That blog will be focuses upon Windows Embedded (CE and Standard).
I’ll continue to use this one for everything else.

Windows Phone 7; Microsoft Surface in Australia

February 19, 2010
Hot off the press from MS Technet eMag Australia:
Windows Phone 7 Series unveiled
The next version of our mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series, has just been unveiled. The new Windows Phones include Xbox LIVE games and Zune music and video for the first time on a mobile phone. A special implementation of Bing Search offers intent-specific results. And built-in functionality for photography can automatically synchronise photos to PCs and photo storage – making it easy to transfer pictures from your phone to other devices. Microsoft Office productivity software and other personal productivity features are also tightly integrated. View the hands on demo video.

Microsoft Surface released in Australia last week.
Imagine a coffee table with a 30-inch multi-touch touchscreen that can be used by four people simultaneously – and you have the new
Microsoft Surface. Surface will be sold directly to businesses in the retail, hospitality, education, automotive and financial services industries. To see it in action, check out Dungeons and Dragons on Microsoft Surface!

Window Embedded Standard 2010 RC now available.

February 16, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 RC1 is avaliable

February 14, 2010
From latest download notifications:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate RC

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate provides an integrated environment of tools and server infrastructure that simplifies the entire application development process


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional RC

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional is an integrated environment that simplifies the basic tasks of creating, debugging, and deploying applications


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium RC

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium is a complete development toolset that simplifies the task of building applications

Visual Studio 2010 SDK RC

The Visual Studio 2010 SDK RC provides tools and templates for building Visual Studio extensions
NOTE: The Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC release does not support Silverlight 4 development. If you are developing a Silverlight 4 application you should continue to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta2. .. Not sure what’s going on here.

embedded SPARK 2010 Challenge: Dev Machine Setup

February 4, 2010
I elected to set up my development PC such that the it multi-boots.
My development PC is running Windows 7 and has Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2).
Typical installing a retro version of software tends to break the newer versions, which I can’t aford to happen.
I could have used the Win7-VPC-Win XP Compatibility option but found that a litlle cumbersome.
What I did was to install a second instance of Win 7 specifically for VS 2005 and CE 6, with a twist.
With Win 7 you can create a virtual hard drive (VHD) and install a bootable OS to it, that then can be a system boot option.
This is what I did.
There are many explanations on how to do this.  Do a search on "Win 7 VHD Boot".
Basically you boot with the install media (I use a specially created boot USB stick .. that’s another story).
Then you jump out of the install dialog to a command prompt and run diskpart.
With Win 7 in Diskpart you can create a virtual hard drive ( a hard drive that is actually just a file anywhere on your system ).
This can then be partitioned, made bootable and formatted.   The OS can then be installed to it.
You then jump back to the install dialog and point to the partition on the VHD and continue the installation.
This way you can create a multi-boot system from an existing single partition system without any pain.
..And the VHD can be deleted at any time from the original OS without and consequences (except losing the VHD boot option and its contents).
Also the VHD can be mounted on the original  OS.
NEXT: Setting up the target and building an OS.

embedded SPARK 2010 Challenge: The Kit

January 27, 2010
I openned the kit so here are some photos:
(Click on links to images:):

Views of the box: Front   Back

 Openning the Box:
Either I boot the box and see what happens, install, build an image and download, or I open the box…
Undo the 8 screws on the lid( 2 on top 3 on each of the left and right sides…Not the bottom ones)
(Click on links to images:)
Rear Connectors: Hint use LAN 1 for image downloads
NEXT: Development  Machine Setup

embedded SPARK 2010 Challenge

January 27, 2010
I’ve entered the Microsoft "embedded SPARK 2010 Challnge" and got into Round 2.
This is an open contest to create a Windows CE 6 application/system on some real hardware, not emulation.
Those who got to Round 2 get a complete kit; I got mine this morning.
This year’s theme is
PS Not to be confused with the Embedded Student Challenge that is now part of the Imagine Cup:
My Titleis : The Great Oz Adventure Game
My proposal (the proposal is what the round 1 submissions were judge upon) is to build a virtual adventure game with a bit of a geography theme. 
The idea is that as the player moves around the system generates locaton and orientation information which is then scaled and referred to a virtual map for the game.
They enter rooms (eg a state or a city) and collect gems (artificants).  They can lose and gain power and so may die.
Overall there is an exhulted state to reach as the game target.
Australia is full of touristy things incluiding the Big <XX> (lots of them) so I’ll make use of them.
My image wouldn’t upload to the site so here it is (I’ll edit it as the project proceeds but this link will be same):
NEXT: The Kit

Windows Embeddded CE 6 R3 is out… VS2005 Silverlight

October 8, 2009
Just noticed that
– It requires Visual Studio 2005  .. Ah!
– Has Silverlight 2.0 .. Yeah

Windows 7 Final Release Got it

August 7, 2009
It’s day one for Technet & MSDN subscribers.
I down;loaded x86 and x64 Windows 7 Ultimate.
Was able to install the x86 version (32 bit)
64 bit version wouldn’t install, probelm with the DVD I think.
Had a problem with the keys.
They were there when I downloaded the images but not when I came back later.
The downloads were gone later.
I contacted the help and they indicated that some things had moved.
The most top downloads need to be downloaded differently, use the Top Downloads link in MSDN.
But look at the info in the the normal download part in MSDN subscriber downloads.
I did a complete new install on my laptop.
I got a new HD fo rthat purpose.
After a few updates (about 6) the system had all of the hw installed and some of the the Fn-Function key actions specific to my Asus laptop all seem to work.
Now to install all of my usual apps.