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Window Embedded Standard 2010 RC now available.

February 16, 2010

Case for my VIA and XP Embedded Boot Options

April 28, 2006
I now can boot windows XP embeddded via  a variety of media:
HD with overlays
HORM (Hibernate Once Resume Many)
I am presenting this at MEDC in Las Vegas on May 10th.
So I’ve packaged my board into a tidy case:
Clipperpro Microserva 500
Enough space for the board, a Compact DVD writer
A Laptop HD, cable and adapter for EmbeDisk (Flash replacement for HD)
CF IDE adapter and CF.
Had to also purchase a SlimlineCD, went for DVD writer because that was all that was available.
Note Iwas told that the case had the slimline dvd – IDE adapter but that wasn’t the case.
Comes with internal main power supply, no 12 v adapter needed.
Not much space left after that.
Will need to attach a small fan with lid on I think.
Case asys no fan required for CPU < 600MHz but I’m running at 1GHz
No room for any standard height PCI
None of the cards I want to use are mini height so may need to investigate PCI riser cards.
But I don’t there is room even turned on side.
Size : 65 x 295 x 260 mm
Weight when assembled: 2.8Kg
Should be OK for my hand luggae when travelling. 
Will post a some pictures.

Windows XPe CF Boot Works

March 9, 2006
Just got my board to boot from Compact Flash into Windows XP Embedded.
Unfortunately it couldn’t do anything more than boot and shutdown, but hey I’ve run the hard mile to get here.
Using San Disk Ultra II 1 Gig CF.
CF is set as fixed.
Board: VIA EPIA M1000
    512M RAM
     IDE 1 : CF on IDE-CF adapter as Master
     IDE2 : HD as master CD as slave
     PCI-CardBus/PCMCIA card
I have been trying to get this working for sometime.
There are issues to do with the CF needing to be
(a) Industry grade, but they cost heaps.
(b) OR Consumer CF device but these are tagged as removeable
Removeable CF disks don’t show up in FDisk and Diskpart so they have to modified to be fixed.
Some comments indicate that the CF doesn’t need to be marked as fixed if only one partition is used.
I couldn’t get that configuration to work.
I used XPE SP2 Disk 1 to boot on system to run tap.
I also used it to create partition on CF, mark it active (reboot) and format as NTFS
I use a USB – CF adapter on dev machine to copy image files.
I’d like to also try a microdisk but there appears to be an issue with supply and reliability (& cost)
Also I’d like to try a Solid State Flash Harddrive but a 512M also costs heaps
   I might try puting 3 x 64 M Solid State Flash disks and spreading image over that.