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Windows Embedded Standard Name Change

February 27, 2010
Windows Embedded Standard 2011 wil be renamed:
Windows Embedded Standard 7
because its based upon Windows 7.
This will apply to fuure WES: They will be numbered according to the version of Windows they are based upon.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 Release Candidate (RC) Now Available


 Release version is due out in May.




Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems Service Pack 2c

December 12, 2007

Hot off the press:


Microsoft Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems SP2c Available the

Week of December 10, 2007

Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems Service Pack 2c (SP2c) will be available the week of December 10, 2007 via the Mobile & Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE).

Due to the ongoing popularity of Windows XP Professional as a robust and stable operating system, the inventory of product keys has been reduced to the point where it is necessary to add more keys in order to avoid impacting end users of Embedded Systems. These are the product keys that are printed on the Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) affixed to Embedded Systems preinstalled with Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems.

To address the shortage of product keys, MS has released SP2c which expands the product key range to support distribution of Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems through end of life which is currently planned for December 31, 2016.


Weekly Summary Contents

This week’s ECE Weekly Summary announces the availability date of Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional for Embedded Systems Service Pack 2c and updated Additional Licensing Terms for Windows® CE products. Business letters and important alerts from the ECE calendar are also included

Windows XPe Update Rollup Release

June 10, 2007
From Mike Halls’ Blog:

Update Rollup 1.0 for Windows XP Embedded enables OEM customers to use some of the latest Windows Vista components on the Windows XP Embedded platform, including Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, User Mode Driver Framework, Remote Desktop Connection 6, and .NET Framework 3.0. It also includes hotfixes for Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007. The Update Rollup 1.0 for Windows XP Embedded is not a stand alone product; it requires the developer to have Windows® Embedded Studio tool suite installed.

Here’s the two installer locations.

The Update Rollup 1.0 contains the bits that you may have known as "Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2008".

To download the Full product you need to have the OEM version installed:
– ie You paid for it.  No te that MDSNAA version was teh OEM version as well.

Also you need to registered as an OEM to be able to login to download site.
The Eval version (which I guess won’t work with the OEM version) doesn’t require a login in.

XPe My PreFBA script

April 18, 2007
This is the batch file I run prior to FBA to:
Format the target drive (D: and named D)
Copy the image from my memory stick to the XPe Boot drive
Reboot the machine 
– In the reformat there are 2 user prompts,  D for the name and Y for Yes; that is all
– I have set XPe as the default boot option in boot.ini, so after the above its handsfree
– When building the image I build it directly to my memory stick in the folder "\windows embedded images"
echo on
format d: /fs:fat32 /q /v:D
xcopy "f:\windows embedded images" d: /e /h /k
shutdown -f -r -t 5  -c "Rebooting to XPe FBA now"

XPe Target Media: Development Efficiency

April 15, 2007
When developing an image, particularly with characteristics that you haven’t "played with" before, there is a lot a of iterative actvity… ie Add components, configure, build, copy to target , FBA, boot, look at logs, look at system (to see what hw hasn’t loaded), check nw, try out custom apps REPEAT until done.
Note that I am using a a separte HD on my target that has a bootable version of XP Pro.
The question then is what is the most efficient way to copy to the target?
(A) You could use the PXE Boot by booting the target system with XPe CD1 and doing a nw copy after a reformat.
(Note you need to reformat target partition each time)..Slow
(B) You could remove the media insert into dev machine and copy there.  Then replace in target and boot into FBA.
Not suitable if target media is a HD as inserting/removal requires shutdown at both ends.
(C) I have been using a USB memory stick to transport btw the dev machine and target.
I wrote a script on target machine to
– Reformat target partition. (D:)
– Copy image from memory stick dir to D:
– Autoreboot when done.
<I’ll post here as a comment later>
(D) Sean Liming suggested that the best way to go with this with FP2007 is to use USB boot.  <Thx Sean>
That way you just insert and boot… I’ll give this a try.
Coupled with making the memory stick the location on the dev machine to create the image in the first place, things are made a lot more efficient.

Windows XP and .NET (2) ..Problems

April 15, 2007
I tried adding .NET 2 to my FP2007 XPe image.
It added about 80 meg to the image…
My embedded disk is 478M
My image was now 340M
I had added 50M of swap space.
Towards the end of FBA I noticed that it was compiling .NET resources and failing becuase of lack of disk space.
The documentation (Help) doesn’t say much about .NET at all!
I will investigate this further.
– Eg try ngs
– Try a bigger disk and see how much it does use.

XPe, Tap and extra stuff it will find.

April 11, 2007
On the XPe blog it mentions that when Target Analyser is run on an existing XP Pro system it uses registry.
In doing so it finds any hw that was previously installed.
For example if a USB web Cam was plugged in and removed , Tap will find it and it will be included in the build if not removed.  It and all of its dependencies will be included increasing the image size
So only run TAP on a clean install.
Alternatively run Tap via the CD1 PXE boot but this is not as good as interogating an XP Pro installation.

XPe ran out of disk space with SP2 ..

April 11, 2007
Wasted several hours on this.
When I installed SP2 of XPe I ran out of diskspace.
Having created space the reinstall kept falling over.
Couldn’t write to repository.
Tried heaps:
– Changed permissions on repository.
– Deleted one repository dir (The one it couldn’t write to)
Eventually changed the repository share access permissions which solved it:
QAD (Quick and dirty) solution: Everyone write access.
This solved it.
(a) Will need to readjust repository remote  access permissions
(b) Probably would have run into build problems because of this.
Note running on Vista.

New XPe CTPs coming ..

February 6, 2007
Some new CTPs for XP Embedded are on the way.
[1] Windows XP Embedded Image Difference Engine Evaluation
Status: Available
The Image Difference Engine allows you to upgrade your device from Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2 or Feature Pack 2007 without reimaging your device.  It also enables you to bundle third-party, security and all other updates into one update package.
"Feature Preview 2008"  .. Lots of good new features
Status: Coming
 The Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 "Feature Preview 2008" will provide an opportunity for you to evaluate the following Vista functionality & components for Windows XP Embedded: Windows Media® Player 11, Windows® Internet Explorer® 7, Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework, Remote Desktop Connection 6.0, and User-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF).  You can visit our Connect website to read more details about each one of these features

XPE versions, FP2007 and Uninstall: 4 Hints

December 10, 2006
  1. There is the trial version and the OEM version of Windows XP Embedded.
    If you are developing products for end customers then you need the OEM version (along with licenses). 
    Trial versions will time out.
  2. The trial version database can’t be upgraded to OEM.
  3. Feature Pack 2007 public download can be installed to both versions of XPe.  It determines which version you have.
  4. If you have installed FP 2007 and want to revert to XPe SP2 without FP2007  DON’T UNINSTALL FP2007. 
    You’ll loose your XPe install.
    In add removed programs, click on show updates and uninstall the XPe SP2FP2007UPDATE.
    I "fellover" by doing the full install. 
    (Show updates can be usefull for other app upgrades).