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MSDN Embedded Subscription

April 7, 2009
Microsoft have announced an Embedded subscription that sits between MSDN Professional and and the Teams Suites.
There is also a "Professional Embedded" MSDN option.
"Professional Embedded" MSDN option:

Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Embedded





Available for retail purchase starting July, 2009. Available through Volume Licensing when Visual Studio 2010 launches.
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
  • Visual SourceSafe
  • Windows Embedded operating systems
  • Windows
  • Toolkits, SDKs and DDKs
  • 2 Technical support incidents
  • MSDN Library
  • Managed Newsgroup support
  • Online Concierge
  • MSDN Magazine
  • MSDN Flash

Embedded developers, professional developers or IT professionals needing access to Windows Embedded operating systems for use in software development projects, including installation of test or development environments.

"Between" MSDN Professional and and the Teams Suites:

Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Premium





Buy Now
  • 4 Technical support incidents
  • MSDN Library
  • Managed Newsgroup support
  • Online Concierge
  • MSDN Magazine
  • MSDN Flash

Professional developers, software testers, or IT professionals needing access to the largest pool of Microsoft software for use in software development projects, including installation of test or development environments. 


Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition with MSDN Embedded builds on traditional MSDN benefits by providing developers of embedded devices with a single subscription for access to a variety of Microsoft operating systems, technical support and other resources. The subscription includes the Visual Studio suite of software development tools and the following Windows Embedded platforms and technologies:

·         Windows Embedded CE, a 32-bit native, componentized, hard real-time operating system designed for small-footprint devices

·         Windows Embedded Standard, the next generation of Windows XP Embedded for advanced enterprise devices

·         Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, which provides innovative technologies to help build devices optimized for portable navigation

·         Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, a flexible operating system designed to seamlessly connect point-of-service (POS) solutions with peripherals, servers and services


This will gives us Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard (Replacement for XP Embedded)


Compare to: US$1K  each.



Implementing Gaming Devices with Microsoft Windows Embedded

April 29, 2008
I did a presentation today for Microsoft OEM in Taiwan.  It was a live web cast.
Unfortunately I had to upload the proper slide deck midway through the presentation because I had uploaded a draft version.  Doh!..$%^&#@
For those interested, I’ll post:

– Code (A simple Gaming Machine Simulation)

– A link to the presentation recording.

ICOP Boards

June 2, 2007
I got an ICOP 2300 box this week for CE development.
This box is particularly useful because its fanless and the box is a giant heat sink.
My intention is to develop an in-vehicel CAN Bus vehicel diganotics unit with it.
I asked Sam Phung about openning the 2300:

There are 4 screws holding the top cover together.

The top cover also acting as a large heat sink with heat-transfer adhesive to glue the top-cover onto the CPU.

After removing the 4 screws, you need to use a small flat head screw driver and carefully ply the top-cover away from the heat-transfer adhesive (it’s reusable).


There should be a CD with BSP & SDK for eBox-2300.

Otherwise, you can find them on the Download section on my site,

 Just for the record, there is no point to openning the box unless you want to change the embedded disk.
I did get it open.  I used a large thing kitchen knife teh prise the heat sink tape fromm the top.
I also want to get a ICOP 385x box for XPe.
I want to develop it as in-vehicle computer.
There is a 3 week availability delay.

Sam Phung:

You can take a look at our eBox-38xx series product.  It’s design with Via’s 800Mhz Eden-nano CPU with USB 2.0 interface.





                eBox-3852 (Dual Ethernet)



                eBox-3854 (6 USB 2.0 interface)



February 22, 2007
MEDC Oz is planned for May 16th, this year in Sydney.
Not much there yet
MEDC general link:
MEDC Las Vegas, US is May 1 to 3 (Pre conf stuff April 30th)
At the Venetian again.
I’m not going this year.
Mike Hall has various bloggs on MEDC

Windows CE 6 ..RTM

September 20, 2006
Win CE 6 has gone RTM
I’m hoping to do the Trainer course in November so I suppose CE 6 will be released some time before the end of the year.
Nobody seems to have got to the BSP upgrade sw yet so we haven’t seen OEM BSPs for CE 6 yet.

Win CE 5 or Win XP Embedded Training

June 3, 2006
Anyone interested?
I can run either using lab facilities at RMIT.
I did the CE trainer course in Taiwan in Dec 2004.
I actually teach a UG and PGC course using CE 5.
CE is  4.5 day course but can be run more intensely over a shorter period.
XP Embedded is a 2 day course.
I’d probably need a minimum of 10 people for a course to run but could do it with less.
Email me directly if interested.

MEDC Melbourne Embedded VIA boards

May 24, 2006
Participants in the Embedded Stream at MEDC Melbourne get a VIA CN .. ITX motherboard with 256M RAM and 60M HD.  I got 2 systems up and running XPE quickly.  (Mobile apps people get a phone!)
The 60G Solid State HD is enough for CE but not XPE.
 You can get solid state HD like the one supplied but larger.
I used 512M versions.
DST who supplied the boards have them for $A70 pre GST/postage.
Conatct Sunny
+61 2 98445438

Cheers Dj

Also see comments.


MEDC in Melbourne May 25th

May 2, 2006

We have MEDC Australia on the 25th of May. This event as you all know is

targeting Mobile and Embedded Developers and is being held on the 25th

of May in Melbourne.

The speakers involved in the event are

* Dr Neil Roodyn <>

* Dr Peter Stanski <>

* Dave Glover <>

* Doug Boiling

* Nick Randolf <>

* Mike Hall <>

* Sean Liming <>

* David Jones    <>

As you can see we have a host of international and local experts

covering some great content. The event is set at a level 300 and should

be a great learning opportunity. There are also a few sponsorship

opportunities left if you think anyone might be interested.

The event website is here

and you can find a

customer ready EDM here