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Mobile Connectivity / VS SP1 & CE 6

December 23, 2006
[1] I found this on Windows Mobile Team Blog at:
"..device connectivity using the pass through feature in ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). In this settings dialog, what’s the difference between Automatic, Work Network and The Internet? Specifically, when should I change the setting to something other than Automatic?"
ie. When to use Automatic/Work/Internet for CE/Mobile device,

Here’s a quick summary of what these settings mean:

Automatic: Detect if a proxy should be used when passing connections through the desktop, and if so detect the proxy on the desktop and configure it on the device. Best if connecting your device to a laptop that may be used at home (with no proxy), as well as a corporate network.

Work: Assume a proxy should be used when passing connections through the desktop, and use whatever proxy is already configured on the device. Best if connecting your device to a desktop computer that is always on your corporate network.

The Internet: Assume no proxy is necessary when passing connections through the desktop. Best for home PCs that are connected directly to the Internet through ISPs like Comcast.


This is needed for CE 6 application development.
Need to remove beta version before install.
See Mike Hall’s Blog for details.
From Mike’s Blog:
  • Windows Embedded 6.0 platform and tools support
  • New processor support (e.g., Core Duo) for code generation and profiling
  • Performance and scale improvements in Team Foundation Server
  • Team Foundation Server integration with Excel 2007 and Project 2007
  • Tool support for occasionally connected devices and SQL Server Compact Edition
  • Additional support for project file based Web applications

    Note that there are two additional updates in the works that you should be aware of, the first is for developers using Vista known as "Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Vista Refresh Beta", the second update is a Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Service Pack – dates are not available for these updates, I will post more information on these updates as it becomes available.

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    SQL Mobile done CE done easy ..

    June 20, 2006
    The April (or thereabouts) CE QFE has SQL Mobile for CE in it.
    I created a simple emulator (x86)  OS and added the SQL Mobile components (and CF 2 components (2)
    I then copied a Windows Mobile Emulator SQL Mobil eapp to flatrelease directory and it ran , except the top part of the form hides any controls that are there.
    I opened the app in VS and chnaged the target to CE 5 SDK, moved the controls down and it worked.
    This app creates a new local databse (.sdf files) adds a table, adds a couple of records, queries thetable, changes a record and requeries.  The status is shown for each step.
    The app is on babbage
    Th elink is near the top of the page.
    Look for the DeviceApplicationxesql_cs project.
    2 points: You can get away with just copying .NET CF to flat release dir and running them from there as if its in the windows dir. 
    I set the VS app build dir to the flastrelease dir.

    Using Visual Studio 2005 with Platform Builder / CE 5

    June 20, 2006
    Using Visual Studio 2005 with Platform Builder / CE 5
    Taken from Mike Hall’s Video "Using Visual Studio 2005 to build Managed Applications for Windows CE 5.0"
    With some added comments by me.
    PS Haven’t tried this yet.  I watched the video and made notes.
    Do initial build of OS first
    VS 2005 needs to be able to download cab files to target CE device
    – Search for "wceload" in catalog
    – Get ‘Cab File Installer’ just under Activesync <Applications – End User>
    – Add to workspace
    Need to know target IP given from DHCP
    – Search in catalog for "IPconfig"
    – Get  ‘Network Utilities’ (Ping etc) <Network Features>
    VS needs some apps/DLL on target.  Installed on development machine when VS is installed.
    c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\CoreCon\1.0\Target\wce400\x86
     Wrapper as catalog component ‘ConMan Files’.. using CEFIlewiz (Download via Mike Hall’s Blog)
     Add this component
    Choose ‘.NET Compact Framework 2.0’ (Not 1.0 m they are mutually exclusive) <Applications and Settings>
     Download Dec 2005 12 month Rollup from Windows CE updates to get CF 2 in catalog
    Run ipconfig /d  .. outputs to debug window  (Keep for <**> below)
    Need to build OS
    – Then build SDK for OS
     .NET CF will greyed out.. OK… Probbaly don’t need evC++ support.
    – Install SDK to Dev machine
    Develop VS app
    – Select target in VS as the SDK
    – Include debug break points
    – On device (whether directly or from PB) run:
     – ConManClient2.exe
     – CMAccept.exe
    In VS 2005
    – Menu:Tools-Options-Device Tools-Devices- Windows CE 5 Device (In top drop down list)
       Select the target device (its SDK), Release version
       Choose properties
       Configure TCP/IP Transport – Use Specific IP, enter IP address of target <**>
    Run app
     – It builds then deploys:
     – The .NET CF2 cab files download and install
     – Mike says that if the cab installer is not part of OS then cab fiels will still downlaod but you wil get deployement errors
    Q If you choose the .NET CF 2 catalog component, do you need VS 2005 to deploy CF2 ????