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Win CE Qs 1 to 4

April 2, 2005

Many of these have been gleaned from Paltform Builder NG.

Thanks for the entries by others.

  1. (Q) I have an nk.bin image created elsewhere (ie no source).
    Is it possible to use Platform Builder to launch that image?
    • Yes, File/Open Workspace -> select the nk.bin file as the workspace.
      [Bruce Eitman (eMVP)]
  2. (Q) I have an nk.bin file (ie an image file) without source.  How do I view the contents of the image file?
    • Use "Viewbin.exe" .It allows you to analyze nk.bin files.
      Find it in %root%\public\common\oak\bin\i386
    • viewbin <options> nk.bin
      If you run viewbin without any arguments, you will see the list of options.
      [Bruce Eitman (eMVP)]
    • You can use a utility called VIEWBIN.EXE.
      Also, ROMIMAGE.EXE constructs the NK.BIN file by using the contents of a
      file called CE.BIB, so looking at that file should give you a pretty good
      idea of what is included in your ROM image NK.BIN.
      [Michael Schaffner, P.E]
  3. When I installed PB I chose x86 and XScale (not Armv4i)
    The July Sept QFE for CE5 has X86 and ArmV4i only.
    Should there be an XScale update or what? 
    • XScale and ARMV4I are the same thing.  I think they put XScale in as a
      placebo for those who don’t know better, and think the OS doesn’t support
      that processor family…
      [Dean Ramsier – eMVP]
  4. I have an ICOP eBox.
    They are quite useful and compact devices but it has no CF slot.
    Has any one developed a USB WiFi Driver for any such device for CE5?
    Alternatively I can use a wireless to ethernet bridge such as the DLink 810+
    but I’d prefer to use a USB adapter.
    • No replies to this.  As I understand it there is no USNB wireless driver for Windows CE.
    • There is no USB webcam drivers for Windows CE.
    • I feel very strongly that there is a need for both.