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Puffing Billy Race .. I fell

May 8, 2007
Last Sunday I ran in the annual Puffing Billy Race, a race of hills against a narrow gauge tseam train.
The challenge is to beat the train and go into the draw for some prizes.
Women only have to beat a later 2nd train.
No allowance for age!
The main rule is that you have to stop at a crossing if the train is on or approaching the crossing.
There are about 4 crossings.
I find I need to beat it to the third crossing to able to beat the train.
This year the 2nd crossing was closed as I approached it (about 20 metres!) @#$%^
I never saw the train again until I finished.
With 400m to go there is a short steep down hill track that I usually accelerate on, which I did.
But alas I tripped an flew down the hill just rolling in time to protect my face.
Injuries to hand, knee, shoulder face and eye ..I’ve got a black eye.
I managed to get up and finish with a time about 59.20.
The train finished in 57.54 so I was still in the ball park.
The crossing stop cost me about 50 secs, and the fall a similar amount. @##$%^
My previous times have been 49, 51, 53, 55, 56 minutes (and one other).
I’ve beaten the train 3 out 7 times; I may be a bit past me now.
I was thinking during the race that maybe this would be the last time but now I have unfinished business!