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What cheezes me off

April 27, 2010
Sorry but I have had to stop comments as spamers have hit this site with crap.
This really psses me off!
If you want to make comment send me an email   at   d#a*vi@djat!$vpcd+o%tor=gREMOVEANYNONLETTERS

Visual Studio 2010 RTM

April 27, 2010
Its available on MSDN for subscribers now.
I installed the Ultimate version late last week.
There are still some bits to follow for Ultimate such as Expression Studio 4.

Outlook 2010 RTM Zimbra Plugin

April 27, 2010

I have just upgraded my Office 2007 installation to Office 2010.

This is the RTM version , which was released to MSDN late last week.


I had the Zimbra plugin installed for Outlook with Office 2007.


I had read on Zimbra Forum:

          They would support Office 2010 when it is released (It hasn’t been formally released yet)

          The 2007 plugin worked with the 32 bit of Outlook 2010 Beta/RC, but not the x64 version.


I installed Office 2010 as a complete upgrade, including for Outlook.

That is I selected the option to uninstall previous versions.


On first use it reinstalled previous plugins (about 13), I guess including the 2007 Zimbra plug in.


The bottom line is IT JUST WORKED.


The Outlook 2010 installation had preserved all data and functionality

Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two announced: Windows Phone roots with a social slant

April 13, 2010

Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two announced: Windows Phone roots with a social slant [with video]


It’s not actually Windows Phone 7.




Five surprising things about Microsoft’s Kin


It’s not actually pink.

All About Microsoft:


It’s finally official: Microsoft Pink — the product of Redmond’s acquisition of Danger — has just been unveiled as a pair of handsets sourced from Sharp (which made most of Danger’s Sidekicks) known as the Kin One and Kin Two.