Windows MobilePhone 7: About

Disclaimer: None of this should be taken as gospel!

    Windows MobilePhone 7 (From a recent presentation)

o   Hardware Restrictions:

§  ARM

§  Only 3 hw buttons

§  No removable memory

§  GPU

o   Software

§  Silverlight 3 +  (add features for GPS, Accelerometers etc)

§  XNA (Games)

§  Consumer oriented

§  Apps only from MS App store

§  sw is managed code , no PInvoke

o   Operating system

§  Focus upon simplicity

§  Unlike previous windows Mobile MS will build the OS

·         Vendors can’t modify the UI

·         Vendor will probably just implement a HAL (Hw abstraction layer)

·         Note HW is locked down

§  This will probably mean time to market for Windows phone will be much quicker

o   Development Tools

§  VS 2010

§  Expression Blend 4

o   Focus

§  Simplicity

§  3 Screens with Cloud

·         Desktop (Win 7)

·         Phone 7

·         Xbox/Zune


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