Apple’s lawsuit against HTC Android

Apple is suing HTC wrt the Android Phone.. some links:
They indicated quite a few patent infringements:
  • ‘331 Patent, entitled “Time-Based, Non-Constant Translation Of User Interface Objects Between States”
  • ‘949 Patent, entitled “Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics”
  • ‘849 Patent, entitled “Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image”
  • ‘381 Patent, entitled “List Scrolling And Document Translation, Scaling, And Rotation On A Touch-Screen Display”
  • ‘726 Patent, entitled “System And Method For Managing Power Conditions Within A Digital Camera Device”
  • ‘076 Patent, entitled “Automated Response To And Sensing Of User Activity In Portable Devices”
  • ‘105 Patent, entitled “GMSK Signal Processors For Improved Communications Capacity And Quality”
  • ‘453 Patent, entitled “Conserving Power By Reducing Voltage Supplied To An Instruction-Processing Portion Of A Processor”
  • ‘599 Patent, entitled “Object-Oriented Graphic System”
  • ‘354 Patent, entitled “Object-Oriented Event Notification System With Listener Registration Of Both Interests And Methods”

    But look at the titles and dates:

    • Many of these features are widely used in operating systems: eg "Object-Oriented Graphic System"
    • Many of these t hese patents appear to not have been targeted at the iPhone as they predate it.
      In the doucment, you will see that many of the patents were isued in the early to mid 90s!
    • Another one, ‘486 asserts a patent an aspect of componentised software: 
      • ‘486 patent generally relates to a computer system that operates using "component layers"
      •  .. "components" include pieces of software that can be replaced with other software with relatively little effort.
      • ..componentised network layer ..API

    Chicken Little: "The sky’s falling in!"


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