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embedded SPARK 2010 Challenge: The Kit

January 27, 2010
I openned the kit so here are some photos:
(Click on links to images:):

Views of the box: Front   Back

 Openning the Box:
Either I boot the box and see what happens, install, build an image and download, or I open the box…
Undo the 8 screws on the lid( 2 on top 3 on each of the left and right sides…Not the bottom ones)
(Click on links to images:)
Rear Connectors: Hint use LAN 1 for image downloads
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embedded SPARK 2010 Challenge

January 27, 2010
I’ve entered the Microsoft "embedded SPARK 2010 Challnge" and got into Round 2.
This is an open contest to create a Windows CE 6 application/system on some real hardware, not emulation.
Those who got to Round 2 get a complete kit; I got mine this morning.
This year’s theme is
PS Not to be confused with the Embedded Student Challenge that is now part of the Imagine Cup:
My Titleis : The Great Oz Adventure Game
My proposal (the proposal is what the round 1 submissions were judge upon) is to build a virtual adventure game with a bit of a geography theme. 
The idea is that as the player moves around the system generates locaton and orientation information which is then scaled and referred to a virtual map for the game.
They enter rooms (eg a state or a city) and collect gems (artificants).  They can lose and gain power and so may die.
Overall there is an exhulted state to reach as the game target.
Australia is full of touristy things incluiding the Big <XX> (lots of them) so I’ll make use of them.
My image wouldn’t upload to the site so here it is (I’ll edit it as the project proceeds but this link will be same):
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