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Windows 7 Final Release Got it

August 7, 2009
It’s day one for Technet & MSDN subscribers.
I down;loaded x86 and x64 Windows 7 Ultimate.
Was able to install the x86 version (32 bit)
64 bit version wouldn’t install, probelm with the DVD I think.
Had a problem with the keys.
They were there when I downloaded the images but not when I came back later.
The downloads were gone later.
I contacted the help and they indicated that some things had moved.
The most top downloads need to be downloaded differently, use the Top Downloads link in MSDN.
But look at the info in the the normal download part in MSDN subscriber downloads.
I did a complete new install on my laptop.
I got a new HD fo rthat purpose.
After a few updates (about 6) the system had all of the hw installed and some of the the Fn-Function key actions specific to my Asus laptop all seem to work.
Now to install all of my usual apps.