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CMI Error Vista Windows XPE Target Designer

June 29, 2008
Microsoft Target Designer
An internal error occurred while building the run-time image.
Code = 0x80042338
Description = The CMI encountered an unexpected error from the Win32 subsystem. For more information see the application event log.
Using XP Embedded Target Designer under Windows Vista SP1.
When I build I get the above dialog message
(Note: To capture the text of a dialog press Cntrl-C .. try it)
Created a new shortcut with RunAs Administrator advanced option.
(Needed to go to XPE bon directory and copy the actual .exe).

FTDI: CE 6 Driver Available (USB-Serial)

June 9, 2008

Windows CE 6.0 VCP Driver Available
FTDI are please to announce the availability of a VCP driver for Windows CE 6.0.  The driver can be downloaded from the VCP drivers page.  Please note that the driver for Windows CE 6.0 is different to the driver for Windows CE 4.2 – 5.2

 Been a long time coming.

I have at times pestered them for it.