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Windows Mobile 6 Released

February 22, 2007
Windows Mobile 6 was released a week or so ago.
This, as I understand, is based on CE 5 not CE 6!

From a developer’s perspective, most/all(?) WM% stuff will run on WM6 so no need chaneg any of that. 

To exploit WM6 features you will will need the CE 6 emultor (coming)

I guess it will be a while before WM6 devices are available.



Reminder: You can’t create WM6 devices yourself (unless you are a mobile devices manufacturer).

You can only write apps etc in VS2005 to target the emulator and existing WM6 devices (when they become available).

It uses Device Emulator 2.  CE 6 used that version (are they exactly the same?)

The SDK is scheduled for release on March 1


What’s new:


What’s cool:


There are some videos available on WM6





February 22, 2007
MEDC Oz is planned for May 16th, this year in Sydney.
Not much there yet
MEDC general link:
MEDC Las Vegas, US is May 1 to 3 (Pre conf stuff April 30th)
At the Venetian again.
I’m not going this year.
Mike Hall has various bloggs on MEDC

3 Vista Issues

February 22, 2007
[1] One mail service I use, Novell Groupwise web portal, couldn’t be read from IE7 in Vista.  This was because the SSL version required was disabled by default in IE7-Vista.
– Look at the Advanced tab in IE7
– Enable SSL 2.0
[2] I had a problem today at work.  Vista wouldn’t connect to Samba on a Linux server.
The problem was that my login from Vista was failing.
Vista was using fast mode whereas you need the latest version of Samba (on the Linx server) for that to work.
We had an O-L-D version!

If any of you are having problems with Vista logon to NAS devices running Samba,  try:,


Run secpol.msc,

Go to: Local Policies > Security Options, Find “Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level”, Change Setting from “Send NTLMv2 response only”, to, “Send LM & NTLM – use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”, Vista defaults to only send the more secure NTLMv2 protocol, which these NAS devices / Samba do not support.

This worked
[3] My machine at home is regularly crashing when running Vista.  Once per night.
It just freezes up.  Keeps dispalying but nothing happens.
Happens while I am using the mosue.
I suspect a hardware problem, sep. the video card.
The only thing I can do is turn the machine off and restart.
Nothing is logged in the event (viewer)
Problem not solved.
Doesn’t happen with my Dell laptop running Vista.

Photo Timing at athletics

February 18, 2007
I have been an active competitor in athletics for nearly 40 years.
This season I have been co-opted into assisting with the photo timing.
I’ll talk later about our system.
For now, its an Omega Ssytem that presents a longitudal image wherre the horizontal axis represents time.
We manuually position the cursor on the chest of each competitor.
Having used it for a few weeks, these are my observations:
– Image recognition could be applied here
– At issue is determining which lane runners are in, because generally runner are off the ground.
– 3D multi-camera image processing will be an interesting application of this.

APCO Confrence

February 18, 2007
Tomorrow I am travelling to the Gold Coast, Queensland for the annual APCO conference:
"Association of Public Safety Communications Officials"
We are presenting about our work on a standard for a new hightech police car.
I am talking about system integration.
Will be a long day, up and back in a day.

New XPe CTPs coming ..

February 6, 2007
Some new CTPs for XP Embedded are on the way.
[1] Windows XP Embedded Image Difference Engine Evaluation
Status: Available
The Image Difference Engine allows you to upgrade your device from Service Pack 1 to Service Pack 2 or Feature Pack 2007 without reimaging your device.  It also enables you to bundle third-party, security and all other updates into one update package.
"Feature Preview 2008"  .. Lots of good new features
Status: Coming
 The Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 "Feature Preview 2008" will provide an opportunity for you to evaluate the following Vista functionality & components for Windows XP Embedded: Windows Media® Player 11, Windows® Internet Explorer® 7, Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework, Remote Desktop Connection 6.0, and User-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF).  You can visit our Connect website to read more details about each one of these features

Catch up

February 3, 2007
I’ve back from Redmond for about 12 days but been rather busy or too tired to blog.
I have some further comments to make on the training material .. further blog
I had a great 2 night stopover in Waikki , Honolulu on the way back.
Quite a contrast to the snowin Redmond.
I’ll upload some pix.
Had a two day coporate retreat with the CFCP group that I am currently working with with VPAC.
Theh retreat was at Phillip Isalnd Victoria where the Fairy Penguins (8 inch) abound.
VPAC: Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
CFCP: Centere For Computational Protyping (A subgroup of VPAC) closely connected to the Auotmotive CRC.
I freak out on the hirewire stuff (5 m) and the flying fox (10m)
I’ll upload some Phillip Island photos. No fairy penguins .. here’s a link:
I am working on the SAFE Vehicles project which is looking at teh integration of equipment in emergency vehicles in an ergomic, safe, energy efficient and formal but extensible manner.
My task is the system integration.
Since getting back I have been upgrading my laptop to Vista.
I’ll blog that.