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Windows CE 6 Train the Trainer

January 16, 2007
I’m currently at MS in Redmond doing the CE Trainer course.
I will at the end of the week be able to run Windows CE 6 training courses.
I can already do so for CE 5 and Win XP Embedded.
Course material has changed from CE 5 but a lot of its similar.
I will need to paper in the cracks for course delivery.
On one hand it assumes some knowledge of CE but on the other hand it is an intro course.
It lacks a detailed comparison of CE 6 and 5 architectures etc.
So CE 5 people will probably need a different bridging course.
I awoke this morning to several more inches of snow outside my hotel door.
It hasn’t been above freezing for several days here.  There’s no wind so its quite OK except for the ears!
I arrived on Sunday at 4am from summer in Melb via Hawaii (80 deg F) to see the air field covered in snow and the temp 22 deg F (- 5 deg C)
It seems strange being driven around an almost sea level suburbia with cars slip sliding away on the hills.
In contrast there have been further bush fires at home, power blackouts because of them and possible bans on use of aircon in homes yet its going to be 100 deg F.  Threw a snowball this morning,