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November 6, 2006
Here’s a (brief) BIO:
  David Jones has been a lecturer in Computer Engineering for 17 years at RMIT University.  He has been at the forefront in teaching of mobile and embedded systems to undergraduate and post graduate students.  In particular he teaches courses involving Windows CE and Mobile .NET (Compact Framework).  His students have had success with international embedded competitions with Microsoft.  David is also a Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded trainer.  He has presented for Microsoft on a number of occasions including at MEDC this year in Las Vegas and in Melbourne.

 David’s other interests includes athletics, cycling and AFL football. 


XPE Feature Pack available

November 6, 2006

The Windows Embedded Team is excited to announce that we are ready to release Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007! You can now obtain the Evaluation Version of the product at:

Because the evaluation version is available we have removed the FP2007 CTP download from the Connect site. However, please continue using the FP2007 Bug Report form on the Microsoft Connect site ( to submit any feedback you have about the product.

I am going to Redmond for the Train the Trainer in XP Embedded SP2 feature Pack 2007  next week

CE 6 available for download

November 6, 2006
You can download the 180 day trial version (release version) from:
Haven’t done it yet but note:
– You need VS 2005 installed (not express edition)
– Its that internet install approach which makes it difficult for multiple installs (each has to do its own download ..several gig- You need plenty of space
– You need to have about 600M (at least) in your IE cache
There are also videos of the launch, trial labs etc on