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CE 6 Training delayed.

October 27, 2006
The beta trial of teh CE6 training material was curtailed because the material, as I understand it, wasn’t up to scratch.  The CE6 TTT session has been delayed a couple of months because of this.  The XPE SP2 TTT is going ahead as planned.
Also, the release of CE6 and XPE SP2 are still going ahead on Nov 1.
Its an on-line release.

Leaving RMIT

October 27, 2006
Haven’t been blogging lately due to my changing circumstances.
Despite all of my contributions to RMIT’s profile with students, teaching of Windows CE, introducing .NET and .NET CF to student courses, I have been declared redundant!   No critcism of my teaching, I drew the short straw.  CS&IT had been trying to stop us (CSE) teaching software for some time.  As part of a joint schools’ review, it was unilaterally decided that that we would drop our software stream and 2 of my courses were no longer needed…Although I had got an agreement (with CS&IT) that my "Mobile & Embedded .NET" course as well as my "Server Systems Engineering" course were OK to still be taught by the school. 
The bottom line is that like elsewhere student intake into IT programs is on a downward spiral so staff reductions are on the march.  With my school dropping our Software Systems Engineering stream, the above 2 courses were no longer core so on-ya-bike for me.  Two of my courses are still being taught. The 4th year course foucused upon Windows CE is to be changed to Linux.  When I said that I am the only one who can teach CE it was laughed off: We  all can teach everything. 
My other disappointment is that I have just rolled out a new course while this was all going on "Introduction to Embedded Systems".  This has a focus upon Embedded System functionality without resorting to assembler.  ie Focus is upon counter, timers, ADC, IO etc using Parallax Stamp material.  I’ll post some project reports on the above link.  Some of the projects completed were:
  • A light sensitive cat flap
  • A hex crawler
  • A Quad walker
  • One of those 2 wheeled devices that move maintaining balance using accelerometers

These were all done in the final weeks of semester as an outcome of the course, having in general not done embedded systems.

I intend to find some employment in industry.  See my CV on
Looking for CE, XPE, Mobile .NET, Microcontrollers
Maybe get some sessional lecturing??
Also I will be a CE6 and XPE trainer next year (already CE 5 trainer).