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July 23, 2006
Haven’t bogged on XPE lately; been too busy.
Its woth noting (as per Mike Hall’s Blog) that there is a a HORM manager available:
HORM is the Hibernate Resume Many boot ooption for XPE.  Normally when an hibernation is resumed, the first page of the hiberfile is zeroed out so it can’t be resumed again.  HORM prevents this zeroing and so the hibernation can be resumed to same state many times, or even deployed.
An interesting issue, which was a problem I ran into, that Sean Liming solved for me:
When you hibernate, there must be enough disk space for the hibernation file.  This means that the spare disk space needs to >= the system RAM.  This is ("sort off") opposite the perspective for network  deploy where the RAM has to be 2x the image size
Also as per Mike’s Blog .NET 2 component for XPE is now available at:
There’s a feature pack coming for XPE. 

Windows CE 6 Beta 5

July 23, 2006
Back from Redmond now.  I’ll do a later blog on that.
A few  of items:
– The x86 emulator has been left off CE 6 because that emulator won’t run on a virtual machine.  ie It won’t load on a VPC or VMWare x86 VM.
– With CE 6 there will be 2 parts to the training material (besides Mike Halls Virtual Labs .. see his Blog)
  (a) There wil be the standard training material which I is targeted at Windows CE users, probably with a focus on how to use the CE package in general and in depth.
  (b) There will also be a academic version using a specific platform with some more specific activities.
– There is a real sexy eBox in the pipeline.  Quite small, looks cool and has CF , USB , PS2 and optional a serial.  No parallel port though but and FTDI device (using a USB port) can solve that.
– I’m trying to fathom how to develop CF apps for a CE 6 device.  I suspect you may need to build an SDK first but I hope not.

Windows CE 6 Beta 4

July 11, 2006
Its been confirmed that the x86 CE emulator is dead.  Only the ARM one will be in CE 6.
Barry Bond did indicate though that a future version of the emulator (not in the CE 6 timeframe, but in the Orcas (Next version of Visual Studio)timeframe) may have some GPIO emulation.
I can get networking with the DMA-Kitl version with a release build but not with the DMA-Kitl debug version.
With the ethernet version I can get networking with the debug version.
Time to try some x86 boxes with CE 6 but this will have to wait.
Off to Redmond in the morning.

And now for something completely different: Sport Downunder

July 6, 2006
Here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, we consider our city as the sports captial of the country.  Home to a range of sports facilities such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground with seated capacity of 100,000.  They have sold more than 100K tickets for the Boxing Day Cricket Test.  Across the railway line is Melbourne Tennis Centre, the home of the Australian Open.  Across the road is Olympic Park Athletics track which also hosts Rugby and Soccer (Roundball Football).  On the other side of the city about 3Ks away is Telstra Dome which has a covered roof and seats 55K.  This along with the MCG are home to Aussie Rules Football.  Then there is Albert Park home to Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and also has the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.  Down with the fairy pengiums on Philip Island ( a couple of hrs drive away) is the Phillip Island Motorway, home to the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP).  We also have the Flemington Race Course, where the race that stops the nation is the help, the 3K Mlebourne Cup.  Melbourne has a public holiday just for the cup .. see we are sports nutters here.  The Melbourne Cup carnival (4 race days over 8 days) is part of the Melbourne Spring Racing carnival which includes races at Moonee Valley and Sandown race courses.
Australia competes beyond its station in sport.  It is our national passion.  We are only 20 million but we are a leading country in the Olympics, we are the leading cricket nation, we are top 1 or 2 in swimming. We have a range of world champions.  We now have some Winter Olympic medalists (Yes Australia does have snow and ski fields, nothing over 5500′  Our largest mountain is 7000′, no all year snow). Who can forget Stephen Bradbury in the short track skating in the 2nd previous Winter Olympics?  We have provided a large number of tennis champions over the years and have won many Davis Cups.   We finally qualified for the World Cup (soccer) again this year after 37 years.  We have a number of top cyclists in the Tour De France (Cycling).  [I have rediscovered cycling from misspent youth in the last 12 months.  I regularly ride to work and back (10.5Ks each way)]
I regularly watch Essendon play AFL (Ausssie Rules) football.   We have been one of the top teams over the years but at the moment we are at the bottom.  AFL is played on a large grass field with an oval ball.  Kicking and handball are key parts of the gane.  Players can kick the ball in excess of 60m.  The object of the game is to score goals.  Minor points can also be scored ( 6pts = 1 goal).  Typical scores are in excess of 10 goasl, teh maximum AFLscore is about 33 goals.  You can forward pass (no offside).  You can mark the ball froma a kick in which case you can go back and take your kick.  If you get he ball from other than a mark you can run a limited distance with the ball after which you must bounce the ball.  If you get caught with the ball (not marked) then you get penalised.  There are a large number of conplex rules.  There are two goal umpires, 2 boundary umpires and 3 field umpires.  The game is fast,  furious and physical.  Generally no protective gear is worn.  The game evolved from rugby and Irish (Gaelic) football.  Ireland and Australia play an annual hybrid (International Rulles)competition.
 I have been a competitive distance athlete for nearly 40 years.  I run for Athletics Essendon. We have hadd a number of Olympic and Commonwealth Games participants including Peter Norman from that infamous 200M in Mexico City (He was 2nd).   (He actually ran for East Melbourne Harriers which amalgumated with us).  I also run the Corporate Cup which is a great time trial biweekly around "The Tan" Melbourne’s best running circuit.  Another running race is a Monday handicap with Custom Joggers around the Flagstaff Gardens.  I actually won their 1000th race.  The picture of me on this blog was taken when I received the tropphy for that race.  I also run from time to time with Victorian Masters Athletics at Aberfeldie.  When in Seattle I have joined the Seattle Running Co.. for their Sunday trail runs a few times.  For training I generally run around the Maribyrnong River Valley.  When travelling I enjoying running to do my own tours.  For example when I went to London I did a quick 2 hr tour of central London landmarks by running.

Windows CE 6 Beta 3b: Emulator via DMA connectivity

July 4, 2006
I got this to work as well but had network problems.
See my blog entry "Windows CE 6 Beta 2" on how to
I got KITL to work that way but couldn’t get full network functionality.  The release notes indicate that with DMA you need the NE2000 NIC option but you don’t get VMINI.  I could ping my router from the device.  I couldn’t ping my dev machine.  My dev machine could ping the emulator.  The web browser (IE) couldn’t find any web pages, but local pages on the device would open.

Windows CE Beta 3a: Emulator via Ethernet Connectivity

July 4, 2006

I have been focusing on the emulator with CE 6 and network connectivity/download options. 

  • The new emulator is an ARM emulator, I assume its the one from Barry Bond made available as an add-on for CE 5. 
  • Q Is the x86 emulor to be retained for CE 6?  At present its not there.
  • A No. 

You can set the emulator in two connectivity modes, ethernet and DMA.

  • Ethernet make it behave just like its a separate box.
  • DMA means it uses DMA btw it and the dev machine

KITL comes into all of this


It appears that ethernet was the initial mode for the emulator but DMA is the intended connection mode.  Note it one batch file say :

REM —————————————————————————
REM Select which KITL transport to use.
REM NOTE: this is TEMPORARY; we will remove ethernet support as soon as DMA
REM       has been deemed stable.
REM —————————————————————————


On how to set up the emulator for network connectivity see:

In particular I created a batch file :


cd /d "%programfiles%\microsoft device emulator\1.0
DeviceEmulator.exe %_FLATRELEASEDIR%\eboot.nb0 /n /c /memorysize 128 /video 640x480x16


and called it vm.bat and stored it out of the build area.  After build I copy it to the flatrelease directory.

  • Note that I added /memsize 128 and in the build I set IMGRAM 128 environment variable, before build
    IMGRAM64 might be enough.  I did this because when I run IE I get memory problems otherwise.
  • I also make sure that in deviceemulato.bat I have set:


  •  I open the flatrelease directory after the build and run vm.bat

I then set the connectivity to ethernet and find the device shows like a real box.
I can then download an emulator image.


I also downloaded and installed the virtual switch as per Barry Bond’s page.

This means that VMINI and KITL can co-exist.  ie KITL can work and you get nw connectivity for iE etc.

Note also that the command line option dictates the  CS8900 NIC.
This is needed to get KITL and NW connectivity.  The NE200 can’t do this.


Windows CE 6 Beta 2

July 2, 2006
Got the emulator to boot.  This is an ARM emulator in CE6 rather than the x86 emulator in previous CE versions. 
Hope the x86 emulator is made available also as can do inline x86 in it and map its parallel port to the dev machine’s parallel port.  eg Use it for LEDSs etc.
Had connectivity problems though.  Couldn’t get KITL connection. 
On reading realease notes found some relevant information:
  • CE needs to be installed to C drive or else don’t get connection.
    I had installed to D drive so needed to uninstall and reinstall (see below)
  • Using DMA connectivity need to make some modifications (See notes below)
    • What I did was create two batch files.  One with DMA, one without.
    • I then copy the required one to deviceemulator.bat
    • Then when I build the OS the image is built correctly.
  • Using DMA can only use NE2000 compatible nw connection
    • The CS8900 network interface (and VMINI driver) are unsupported when using Device Emulator DMA KITL
After addressing these issues KITL worked.

DMA notes from Release Notes:
From the IDE
DMA KITL cannot be added to the run-time image from the IDE (the IDE does not provide a mechanism for unsetting build environment variables).
Instead you may edit %_WINCEROOT%\platform\DeviceEmulator\DeviceEmulator.bat. Change the following lines from:




After making these changes, perform the following steps:
  1. Save DeviceEmulator.bat in the same location
  2. From the Platform Builder Build menu, select Make a Run-Time Image.

Had problems uninstalling. 

All attempts to uninstall, including reboot locked up.  Tried uninstalling from install CD and add-remove programs.  I was able to modify my CE6 installation via the install DVD.  Removed everything except Platform Builder (Modify installation).  Was then able to do a Remove Installation using the install DVD.  Reiinstall and KITL then worked as above.

Windows CE 6 Beta 1

July 1, 2006
CE 6 Availability
Those who attended MEDC were given the Windows CE 6 Beta 1 to trial.
WESC students were also given it. 
I am not aware that there is a public way for others to get it
Autographed Copy
I have a photo of Mike Hall autographing a copy for one of my students.  I”ll upload an image of this to here plus a scan of the autographed cover.
One of the key features of CE 6 is that it has been integrated into Visual Studio 6.
Also the ARM emulator has been added (as well as the x86 emulator ?)
The 32 Processes/ 32 Meg per process limits have been blown apart.
I’ll add a comment to this post which is from the install release notes on CE 6 features.
Course Material
I was part of a team to submit for developing the CE6 course material and for creating Academic course material  ( my part was with the acdemic part).  We didn’t get the tender.  BSquare got the course development.  Georgia Tech got the academic part.  I am though having input to the academic part through the program coordinator at Microsoft an my colleague at Georgia Tech who I know quite well.  We are currently dicussing what platforms to target for the academic material.  Mike Hall is considering making on-line training labs for CE 6  (see his blog).

It was suggested to me that installing CE 6 alongside other CE insatlls (eg CE5) can result in some corruption.
We shall see as that’s what I am doing.
My first attempt to install resulted in a failure.  Bad blocks.
Cleaned the DVD (had finger prints etc over it .. my fault)
The install then started.
 The installation has now completed and so I must reboot.