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MEDC Melbourne Embedded VIA boards

May 24, 2006
Participants in the Embedded Stream at MEDC Melbourne get a VIA CN .. ITX motherboard with 256M RAM and 60M HD.  I got 2 systems up and running XPE quickly.  (Mobile apps people get a phone!)
The 60G Solid State HD is enough for CE but not XPE.
 You can get solid state HD like the one supplied but larger.
I used 512M versions.
DST who supplied the boards have them for $A70 pre GST/postage.
Conatct Sunny
+61 2 98445438

Cheers Dj

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More XP Embedded & MEDC 2006

May 24, 2006
Been a bit busy lately with MEDC in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and with MEDC in Melbourne tomorrow.
My presentation on Windows XP Embedded boot options at Las Vegas went reasonably but could have been better.  Too many slides and some of the demos failed.  The issue here is that I was changing IDE cables during the presentation and had some connectivity problems.
For Melbourne I have done the following:
– Embedded participants get a VIA ITX board (with 256M RAM and 60M solid state HD)
– I got two of the board yesterday and made them up.
– The first boots with a 512m EmbedDisk (Solid state) to XPE with disk overlays.
– The 2nd boots to XPE with a Compact Flash with RAM-Reg overlay
  I actually used my VIA M1000 builds and they worked OK
– My original ITX system (as previously blogged) boots in three modes (no cable cahnges, just BIOS
    – CDROM XPE boot (RAM-Reg)
   – HORM (Hibernates and resume to same hibernated state multiple times, using old Laptop HD)
   – Network boot, with laptop running Win 2003, DHCP, DNS and Remot Boot Service for XPE
We did practice runs at MS Melbourne today.  all went wel except the HORM would reboot after a little while.
Could be the software but I suspect its the old HD. 
I have another 512M EmbedDisk so I’ll replace the HD with that tonight.

MEDC in Melbourne May 25th

May 2, 2006

We have MEDC Australia on the 25th of May. This event as you all know is

targeting Mobile and Embedded Developers and is being held on the 25th

of May in Melbourne.

The speakers involved in the event are

* Dr Neil Roodyn <>

* Dr Peter Stanski <>

* Dave Glover <>

* Doug Boiling

* Nick Randolf <>

* Mike Hall <>

* Sean Liming <>

* David Jones    <>

As you can see we have a host of international and local experts

covering some great content. The event is set at a level 300 and should

be a great learning opportunity. There are also a few sponsorship

opportunities left if you think anyone might be interested.

The event website is here

and you can find a

customer ready EDM here