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Case for my VIA and XP Embedded Boot Options

April 28, 2006
I now can boot windows XP embeddded via  a variety of media:
HD with overlays
HORM (Hibernate Once Resume Many)
I am presenting this at MEDC in Las Vegas on May 10th.
So I’ve packaged my board into a tidy case:
Clipperpro Microserva 500
Enough space for the board, a Compact DVD writer
A Laptop HD, cable and adapter for EmbeDisk (Flash replacement for HD)
CF IDE adapter and CF.
Had to also purchase a SlimlineCD, went for DVD writer because that was all that was available.
Note Iwas told that the case had the slimline dvd – IDE adapter but that wasn’t the case.
Comes with internal main power supply, no 12 v adapter needed.
Not much space left after that.
Will need to attach a small fan with lid on I think.
Case asys no fan required for CPU < 600MHz but I’m running at 1GHz
No room for any standard height PCI
None of the cards I want to use are mini height so may need to investigate PCI riser cards.
But I don’t there is room even turned on side.
Size : 65 x 295 x 260 mm
Weight when assembled: 2.8Kg
Should be OK for my hand luggae when travelling. 
Will post a some pictures.

Win XP Embedded Blog: CDROM Boot

April 17, 2006
 Got XPE CDROM Boot to work at 2AM this morning!
Bit of a witches brew to get it going.
Several variables involved, need to work out which are the depenedant ones.
Couple of keys:
– Need an El-Torito Disc:  Bit like Catch 22.
  To create an El-torito XPE bootable CD you need an El-torito CD in the FBA phase!
  I found a way through this.
– Need CDROM and HD in IDE channel 1
– Remove HD when booting CD
Cheers  That’s the 5 demos for MEDC working!

Windows XP Embedded Remote Boot Works

April 15, 2006
Got it to work at 3.05AM this morning!
The key was to get the right hw drivers for video and for the buses as pointed to on my previous blog entry (See comment).
Also go HORM working!:
Hibernate once then resume many times to same state.
Working on CD boot now

Windows XP Embedded Remote Boot

April 14, 2006
Working on XPE remote boot .. so far…
– The remote boot server sw:
     Tried installing on an win2k3R2 svr  using XPE CD 2
     – Won’t install on Win 2k3 needed to use Win 2K  svr
      After much stuffing around found that the required version is on CD3 (The SP2 CD)
– Tried a Virtual Machine for client and server
    – Used virtual nw
     – VPC doesn’t allow nw boot (need PXE CD fro remote boot)
     – Inintially got message : "proxydhcp service did not reply to request om port 4011"
             Eventually found that I had the wrong server IP in RBS config page
     – Got VMWare client to start download but blue screened.
– Tried real target and server running as VM
    -Using Bridged nw connection from VM with host
    – Kept getting same message"proxydhcp service did not reply to request om port 4011"
    – Search indicates that its due to multi-honed network card when using remote install
So I guess the nw bridging being two IP addresses is making it fail
Back to the drawing board.

SQL 2005 Express Running .SQL Scripts (HOW TO)

April 11, 2006
The default install for VS2005 Professional includes SQL 2005 Express.
The express edition is just the engine, no management tools such as Query Analyser (to run .sql scripts etc against).
The problem then is how to import a new database that is in a .SQLscript?
I resolved that from VS by: 
(a) Creating a new SP in Master db
     In that SP is the create db command  (Usually the first part of the .SQL script)
    Run it
(b) Create a new SP in the new db to populate the db  (The rest of the script)
    Run it
Need to remove Go and USE  lines from script

MEDC 2006

April 10, 2006
I presenting two sessions at MEDC in Las Vegas May 8-11th:
(Microsoft) Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference
"Windows XP Embedded Boot Options"
Windows XP Embedded (XPE) can be booted from a variety of media. Besides using a standard hard drive it can be booted from a CD, Flash media as well as over a network. Booting from read-only media has significant security benefits. Also, the image booted from can also be a saved hibernation state which facilitates fast boot up. This session will cover these aspects of XPE along with some demonstrations.
"Integrating functional external hardware into embedded systems"
External hardware can be added (add-ons) to a an embedded device through USB, serial and parallel connections. This can be of use when developing a proof of concept device using an off the shelf development board or for adding functionality to an existing system. The add-ons can be active or passive. Passive add-ons will typically just be an input or output capability. Active add-ons can add complex functionality to the system. Such devices can provide fast independent reactions to external and counter/timer events as well ADC conversions. They can provide aspects of real-time processing along with priority interrupts. These active add-ons can be integrated into Windows CE systems using stream drivers. With Windows XP Embedded they can add some measure of real-timeness. This presentation will cover techniques for implementing active add-ons and their use with Windows CE and XP Embedded.
I’m also presenting a variation on the first topic at MEDC Melbourne May 25th
Their website will be up soon.
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