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Windows XPe CF Boot Works

March 9, 2006
Just got my board to boot from Compact Flash into Windows XP Embedded.
Unfortunately it couldn’t do anything more than boot and shutdown, but hey I’ve run the hard mile to get here.
Using San Disk Ultra II 1 Gig CF.
CF is set as fixed.
Board: VIA EPIA M1000
    512M RAM
     IDE 1 : CF on IDE-CF adapter as Master
     IDE2 : HD as master CD as slave
     PCI-CardBus/PCMCIA card
I have been trying to get this working for sometime.
There are issues to do with the CF needing to be
(a) Industry grade, but they cost heaps.
(b) OR Consumer CF device but these are tagged as removeable
Removeable CF disks don’t show up in FDisk and Diskpart so they have to modified to be fixed.
Some comments indicate that the CF doesn’t need to be marked as fixed if only one partition is used.
I couldn’t get that configuration to work.
I used XPE SP2 Disk 1 to boot on system to run tap.
I also used it to create partition on CF, mark it active (reboot) and format as NTFS
I use a USB – CF adapter on dev machine to copy image files.
I’d like to also try a microdisk but there appears to be an issue with supply and reliability (& cost)
Also I’d like to try a Solid State Flash Harddrive but a 512M also costs heaps
   I might try puting 3 x 64 M Solid State Flash disks and spreading image over that.

Registry Hive on VIA EPIA M10000 (x86) System

March 3, 2006
I am now working on a registry hive for my CEVIA  (aka CEPC)  with the hive being in HD so that I can reboot etc again and get back previous settings.  In particular this is useful because there is an app. as part of the BSP that supports modification of video settings (no resolution adjustment though) but rotation requires a reboot. 
Status : 4/3/06
HD hive works but on boot up there is an error with USB, I think to do with power management of USB.  I can skip the error and rotation etc works but my USB mouse doesn’t.  The mosue did work prior to adding the reg hive.
I added numerous registry settings all over the place before I got it to work.  I will now redo from scratch to determine what is needed.
I found the main thing was to do a clean sysgen after adding the registry hive.
I will add content saying what I did.  I used the VIA Forum and PB newsgroup for help.
Also referenced PB help and MSDN Library.
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